The 4 best professions in Singapore

Why is the IT sector the future of Singapore?

In the age of digitalization and continuous technological advancement, the IT industry becomes not only the cornerstone of economic growth but also the engine of innovation for the future. In Singapore, the information technology industry thrives, attracting attention from global investors and talented professionals. At QUANTING EMPLOYMENT SERVICES, we believe that development in this field will not only ensure business prosperity but also support societal changes and innovations in all spheres of life.

Why is the tourism sector leading in Singapore?

Singapore, with its rich cultural heritage and magnificent natural attractions, draws millions of tourists from all corners of the world. Tourism is a significant driver of economic growth in Singapore, creating new job opportunities and fostering the prosperity of local businesses. At QUANTING EMPLOYMENT SERVICES, we recognize that the tourism sector provides unique opportunities for professional growth and career development.

Why are engineering and construction priority sectors in Singapore?

Singapore, striving for constant development and modernization, actively invests in its infrastructure and construction. This makes the engineering and construction industry crucial and prioritized for the country's economic growth. At QUANTING EMPLOYMENT SERVICES, we understand the importance of this sector and strive to meet the market demands by providing qualified professionals for the successful implementation of various projects.

Why are Finance and Financial Services Thriving in Singapore?

Singapore's favorable financial system attracts numerous specialists in the fields of investments, banking, insurance, as well as experts in financial analysis and risk management. With its robust regulatory framework, stable political environment, and strategic location as a financial hub in Asia, Singapore offers a conducive environment for professionals in the finance sector to thrive. Whether it's wealth management, asset allocation, or financial planning, Singapore provides ample opportunities for individuals looking to build successful careers in finance and financial services. At QUANTING EMPLOYMENT SERVICES, we understand the importance of this sector and are dedicated to connecting talented professionals with exciting opportunities in the dynamic world of finance in Singapore. Join us today and embark on a rewarding journey in the heart of Asia's financial landscape.

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For companies

Do you know what bonuses you need to give your employees to get them to choose your company?


Why should employers provide a 13th paycheck to retain talent?

Providing the 13th salary is an effective tool for retaining highly qualified employees in the company. This additional bonus stimulates employee motivation and strengthens their loyalty to the employer. With the 13th paycheck, companies can attract and retain top talent, which promotes team stability and productivity. At QUANTING EMPLOYMENT SERVICES, we help employers design and implement compensation packages that include a 13th salary to ensure successful talent attraction, retention, and development. Contact us today and build a strong and thriving team!

Performance bonuses

Employers should consider providing performance bonuses to incentivize and motivate their employees to achieve outstanding performance. Performance bonuses can include additional cash rewards, bonuses, gifts or other perks given based on goals and successes achieved. Not only does this increase team performance, but it also builds employee loyalty and strengthens their bond with the company.


Training and development

Employee training and development play a key role in the success of any company. Employers who invest in professional training for their employees create a powerful tool for business growth. Providing training helps to enhance employee skills and competencies, which helps to improve the quality of work, increase productivity and foster innovation. In addition, trained employees feel more confident and motivated, which helps retain talent in the company. At QUANTING EMPLOYMENT SERVICES, we help employers design and implement training and development programs that support successful employee development and business growth.

Vacation benefits

Providing vacation benefits is an important aspect of employee care that enhances employee performance and job satisfaction. Employers who provide additional vacation days create a positive work environment and promote productivity. Vacation benefits may include extra days off, vacation days for important moments in an employee's life, or bonus days as part of compensation for long working years.


Health insurance benefits

Providing health insurance benefits to employees is a demonstration of an employer's concern for their health and well-being. Quality health insurance with additional benefits, such as coverage for high-level medical services, access to a wide network of medical facilities and fast processing of medical bills, helps employees feel protected and confident in their health.

Fringe benefits

Employers should provide additional benefits to attract and retain highly skilled professionals. These benefits may include flexible work schedules, telecommuting, company bonuses and discounts, additional vacation days, training and development, and free health insurance. Providing these fringe benefits creates a positive work environment, increases employee satisfaction and boosts productivity.


These bonuses and benefits help attract and retain talented employees, contributing to a better work environment and company performance.

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Recruitment process and recruiting techniques


In modern business, a successful hiring process plays a key role in building strong teams and ensuring company success. We understand that each stage of hiring is critical, so we make every effort to ensure an effective and successful recruitment process.

The first step is a thorough examination of the job requirements. We work directly with the client to fully understand their needs and expectations for the new employee. This allows us to identify the candidate profile and develop a search strategy.

The next stage is active candidate sourcing. We use various recruiting sources, including databases, professional networks, social media, and partnership programs, to find the most suitable candidates for the position.

After that, we conduct interviews with potential candidates. Our experienced recruiters use structured interviews and assessment methods to evaluate the skills, work experience, motivation, and cultural fit of each candidate.

When we find suitable candidates, we provide our clients with detailed reports and recommendations to help them make informed decisions. We also provide support in negotiating job terms and offer assistance in integrating the new employee into the company.

We strive for continuous improvement of our methods and processes to provide our clients with high-quality service and help them find the best candidates for their vacancies. Our goal is not just to find employees but to help create a team capable of achieving outstanding results and succeeding in their business goals.

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